Ah yes! Today we take a look at Craft Keep VR from Excaliber Games. A game that has been out since November 2016. A game that I call a VR time management game like the “Emily’s” Series.

The game is set in a fantasy world where you have to cater to rude and rowdy customers that need stuff to fight dragons, other knights or their own wife. When you start with the tutorial, you don’t have much skills and equipment to build the goods. Customers will tell you, provide you or demand that you make things that they need, and as a reward, you get money or a scroll.

Get that Equipment

There are two type of scrolls. Normal ones and gold ones. The normal scrolls will give you recipes to make the goods and the gold ones give you a piece of equipment like a forge or an arrow shaft maker. Customers will get more demanding and will give out bigger orders.

This is the kind of game I like to play in VR. The game has its bugs, but for an early access game is surprisingly polished. Bugs are being fixed, and content is being added. This is a very amazing game, definitely worth buying, if you don’t mind coping with some early Access bugs.

~ Rafter

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