On the last day of February, Ubisoft launches the new and maybe the last big DLC  for the division. The feedback from the latest patch is all over the place. PVE centered players received a blow due to changes made in favor of PVP. (no reloading while running, healing nerf, etc.)

While PVP players complain about the lack of true PVP experience because of the fact that NPCs are mixed with pvp battles in the last stand. I had high hopes for this game. And it’s true I enjoyed the game greatly in the beginning, changes and balances made it worse.

As I stated before, i’m not really a PVP player, but I still tried the Darkzone. It was not that bad, you could avoid players a little bit and the whole thing added a extra tension due to the fact you could be jumped at any time. But organised 8v8 PVP is not for me. Though it did buy the season pass I won’t be partaking in the last stand.

Bigger Darkzone and a new Incursion.

Is “The Last Stand” the only thing in patch 1.6? Nope they also decided to expand the Darkzone to the north. there will be higher level sections and with it more exotic weapons and armor. If you don’t want to venture in to the Darkzone for those, there will also be a new Incursion called “Stolen Signal”

For more information visit the official page  and watch the trailer