Have you ever wanted to be knee deep in Eyeballs? Spit out somebody else their teeth? No? Well you are missing out buddy. Bossa Studios released the Virtual Reality version of there game Surgeon Simulator. 

“But wait, They did that Last year!” why yes they did! But back then the game was not really fun to play, not for me anyway. The controls were not really optimized and in the end it could get a little frustrating that you were not able to cut someones eye out with a bone saw that effectively. I was a bit busy this and last month so I was not able to test out the new patch they brought out.

Listen to the SCREAMS!

Of the community that is. And they screamed.. or moaned.. but they listened, and made the changes. My biggest gripe was that I was not able to hold on to the instruments that well. Yes, I get that then game is supposed to be a challenge, but there is challenging and annoying, and it was getting on my nerve. When I was looking though my list of VR games to see which game I was going to make an article about, my eye fell upon this gem.

After reading through the patch notes I noticed that the thing that held me back from the game was supposedly fixed. So installed it, turned on the Beta branch and started a surgery. Needles to say, it did not go well.. But that was not the fault of the game. I was rusty.. as rusty as my bone saw.



  • Magnets; how do they work?! Grabbing has been improved so that only a single finger (or fingers) can be used to pick up objects.
  • Touchingly easy! The thumb no longer needs to be held down to grab objects to prevent controller issues using the Vive or Oculus Touch controllers.
  • Masochists Rejoice! You can now stab yourself with syringes!
  • Recognition at last! Completion grades now appear on the clipboard

Bug Fixes:

  • Achievement names and descriptions are listed correctly.
  • Green syringe effect no longer persists outside of the game.
  • Blood status effects no longer persist outside of certain surgeries.
  • Video tape now plays correctly when inserted into VCR.
  • Multiple tools have now been rebalanced. The circular bonesaw, surgical axe, hatchet, drill and hammer and are more consistent through all levels.
  • Hands will no longer spawn in before the level starts, which could cause players to interact with objects before the level starts.
  • Brain won’t shake around uncontrollably when the skull is broken sometimes on brain surgeries.


I am really pleased that they listen to the community and fixed the things dreaded the most! Thanks guys keep up the good work!


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