It has been 3 years since the last installment of the payday franchise has been released.

I have played a lot.. trust me. What is more satisfying then getting together with a couple of friends and knock over a few banks, piss off some Russian mobster or simply destroy a mall.

I have done it all, I have seen it all. And as I still by all the DLC content, the lack of game mechanics is making it stale after 800 hours.  Time for something new.


Payday 3 Announced

This is what StarBreeze said in their StarBreeze Year-end report 2016 :

It is with great satisfaction that we also can announce that PAYDAY 3 production is officially initiated and at a full design stage. I’d like to especially clarify, that this project will enjoy as much time as we deem needed. It will be done when it’s done. This is our single most important brand today and the cornerstone of our business and we will treat it accordingly. Updates in the near future might be scares and far between. You simply don’t rush PAYDAY 3.

Well there you have it. No release date, it’s done when it’s done. I for one will be keeping my eye out for this one. In the meantime, keep them helmets flying and those drills drilling!

~ Rafter