There is a new hobby that is getting popular by the day. Photography. No.. Not with a camera, but in games. Back in the days when people were trying to get there shots in, for example, the original “The Sims” by painstakingly trying to make the Sim pose in the way they wanted, game photography was not that popular (I wonder why..)

But now, with Facebook, imgur, reddit and a whole heap of means to share the coolest in-game screenshots, everybody wants to be a digital Andy Warhol. Well NVIDIA did something about it. Enter “NVIDIA ANSEL”

If you own a GTX card and it’s on this list, you too can become an “in game artist” But how does it work? Can you use it in every game? How can I take my screenshot without being bothered by swarms of enemy’s while I desperately smash the printscreen or F12 button. Well here we go!


Not For Every Game

Sorry to burst you bubble so savagely, but not every game is capable to handle the technology. But the list is growing. A few favorites that are capable to use the technology are: The Division, The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, Watch dogs 2, For Honor and of course Ghost Recon Wildlands.

And with Wildlands I had the pleasure to use ANSEL for the first time. I am the Proud owner of a recently bought GTX 1070, so I got started. And it’s just as easy as that.. Get started.. No setting up, turning on, or tweaking of any kind. Just go in game, seek a scene and press ALT F2. Yes really.. ALT F2.

Every Angle

What happens when you press those key? The game freezes, but not the bad kind. After a few second you get control of a camera which you can move freely through the battlefield, and on the left side of the screen a camera control window appears. As you can see in the video below there are a few options for you to play with.

You can Set the Brightness and Contrast, filters and type of media. That last one is interesting. One of the options is making a 360 screenshot which you can later playback on Google Photo’s, post on facebook, or even watch back with VR goggles.

Now I need to put in a disclaimer. No, I am not being payed by NVIDIA. I just get enthusiastic about things I like.  And yes there are bugs. Some are pretty annoying. For instance, in Wildlands the enemy can Spawn in a T-pose when pressing ALT+F2. Or their bodies become zombies  when they are supposed to be dead on the ground.

Also Sometimes the hands and the heads of your own character will be uhm.. Misplaced..

But the Technology is quite new. And there is being worked on bugs and stuff. I had a great afternoon playing with ANSEL and I am looking forward to what’s to come. Check out the video below for more information or visit the NVIDIA site. 

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