I had high hopes. But you failed me again Ubisoft. After the disaster that’s called The Division, I thought you learned from your mistakes. But no. Not only did you bring out an update, Narco Road, that is ┬áreally out of place, you even managed to screw over the season pass holders. wow.. Just wow…

Hi! welcome to Narco Road, NOW START OVER!

The first thing I noticed is that you have to remake your character from scratch. Sure you have all your things. But you are missing 95% of your weapons and your teammates. Why the hell would you do that to me? Did you not learn from The Division? You know the one thing I HATED about the expansion Survival? The Fact that you were not playing the mode with your own “Character”. And with that, I mean that I did not get the “hey I’m advancing my character” feeling. Now you are ripping me out of my immersion and I have to start over? BAD Ubisoft! No Cookie!Monster truck in Narco Road. really Ubisoft?

Monster trucks and Racing

And when you finally made your new character, you need to do some weird fly stuff to get in the favour of some dude, who instructs you then that you have to wreck cars with a Monster truck.
The whole, “I’m a Ghost and a skilled operator” feeling crushed in the first mission. Now you are a “the Fast and the Furious” reject. Why? No seriously, WHY?

After driving around for a few minutes and encountering 50 ramps, I get the feeling I’m in a world where GTA V Stunts and Just Cause had a child. Why, and I can’t stress this enough, did you change the whole military setting.

Season Pass and Cosmetic

And if you thought you could at least enjoy the nice cosmetics, because you bought the Season pass, Surprise! Nope! you have to buy those. And if you are a guy that cares about that, like me, it will set you back another 80 bucks.

After playing the DLC for another 15 minutes I closed it down. I just, for now, Cannot bring myself to “start over again” in this DLC.
Maybe if they changed a few things, I will give it a try. But knowing that this is Ubisoft, they probably won’t listen, or too late, like in The Division.

Shame on you Ubisoft, Shame on you.

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