Oh yeah! I am a music man. I have played my guitar since I was 12 and completed my mandatory flute lessons in middle school. I took some guitar lessons, quit them because my teacher wanted me to play classic music, and took some lessons with a guy that taught me to listen to the music instead of just playing from sheet music. That changed my style for the better. And I learned to play everything I heard. And then the day came that music games evolved from keyboard-based rhythm java games to full fledged AAA games with their own controllers.


Guitar Hero and Rock Smith

I have never owned any other console then a PSone. So I never had the pleasure of playing the game Guitar Hero or Rockband. I did buy Guitar Hero Aerosmith for PC. I still did not have the controllers, so I had to use the keyboard to play the game. No problem there, I got good at it.


Then came my dream game. Rock Smith! A way to play a game with your own guitar making it not only an awesome game but also a great way to learn new songs, riffs and techniques. The catalogue is impressive. Greenday, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and a lot more bands. There is also a “My band feature” where you can put together a band with a range of different instruments and instrument types and just Jam away. It sure helped me improve my guitar skills.

The next step

There is one instrument I always wanted to learn. Drums. Now I live in a small apartment, I don’t have any room for a full-fledged drum kit. Also, my neighbours will not appreciate the noise. So maybe an electric drum kit. Well, those are expensive. And I am not sure that I want to keep playing the drums. A week ago I was browsing the Virtual Reality store and saw a game called Drummer Talent VR. Having bought a drum game in the past that was not good enough, in my opinion, I was a bit wary. I decided to wait for some reviews. There were not many, but the ones that were there were positive. So I decided to give it shot.

I am glad I did. The first evening I tried it, I forgot the time and as a result almost overslept the next morning. There is a drive in the game to improve your skill, just like in Rock Smith and Guitar Hero. The haptic feedback is really well done. After a couple of songs you get the feel for the snare and hi-hat and in combination with your wrist, you are really feeling the hit in your hands and arms.

This may sound strange, but people who are in VR a lot know what I mean. Your brain makes it real (yes  Neo it does). This is one of those experiences that makes me glad that I bought a VR set. Now, if you excuse me, I need to get all songs on SS in expert mode. See ya in VR.

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