As I said in articles before, I am a Simulator nut. And not only Flight sims. Train, Truck, Fireman, farm and a lot more. I like them. They give me a chance to do something I am normally not able too. But after all said and done, you are still staring at a screen with a mouse in your hand (Yes I know there are simulators where you got something different in your hands, get your head out of the gutter mate!) and that’s it.

Enter HMD’s or Head Mounted Display. HTC, OCULUS and a lot more up and coming brands are rapidly growing from infant stage to maturity. Hardware is getting better, software is being updated and games are getting more fun and better developed. For a Simulator fan this is GREAT news. Now you are able to stand up and actually be the controller instead of just sitting in front of a screen.


On my daily stroll through the steam SIM section my eye fell upon a title that made my heart leap a bit. Games so far are a little bit on the “Cheap” Side (tech demos, concepts and early access) But I own a VIVE for almost a year now and I can┬átell a “no go game” from a gem. And this one looked promising.

I am talking about IRON WOLF VR from Ionized Studios. They made a Submarine game. In VR. Let that sink is (pun intended). How cool would to put on a HMD and drive a sub. Well now you can. And the good thing about it, you can even do it with friends or with other people with VR systems. The only thing missing is the smell of diesels and anxiety farts. Now I have only tried the single player game mode so I can’t really comment on the CO-OP modes, but from what I played, I can say that this game has potential.

Graphics and Gameplay

Game play trumps graphics. That is a fact. Look at minecraft. Now don’t get me wrong. The graphics of IRON WOLF are not bad, really, for a VR game they are good. But don’t expect real water flow, detailed muzzle flashes or other visual candy. But that is not the point of the game. The point is that you can DRIVE A FREAKING SUB.

When I sound the dive alarm, I feel like a real Commander and I really want to shout, DIVE DIVE DIVE! That is the mark of a good VR game. That you really feel like you are doing the thing you are playing.

So, Take a look at the Video below and tell me what you think!

Ionized Studios

Virtual Reality and Machine Learning specialists

A virtual reality studio currently producing the multiplayer, room scale submarine game IronWolf VR.

Ionized studios are located in South-West England

Check out the developer website

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