Hi guys and welcome to my page dedicated to the BDSSE Star Citizen! Here I will post my content that I create. Youtube, Blogs, screenshots and much more.

Why Star Burger? Well, I’m a dutch guy and in my language Burger means Citizen. I first wanted to take the easy way out and make my content in my mother language. But after practicing a lot with other blogs, YouTube content, and reviews. I decided to just go for it. Will there be mistakes? Yes of course! I’ m still learning. As long as I enjoy making content, I will make content for you guys!

Thank you very much for supporting me!

For the Love Of Cutlass


And here we are. The second blog. I must say I was nervous when I published the first one. It’s a hard, cold, troll-filled place, the internet. But [...]

Star Citizen: My first Years


October 2014. The day I decided to become a backer for Star Citizen. The day I bought my Aurora and set foot in my, what later was going [...]