As a gamer, once in a while, you stumble upon a game that is, at first sight, clearly a tech demo, and therefore hesitate to take the leap and buy in. Yes, I’m talking about Hotdogs, Horseshoes, and Handgrenades. Better known now as H3VR.

Bad Times for VR

The new Starting scene of H3VR

This was when I first got my VIVE, well over a year ago now. These were bad times. Games were scarce. As I recall we only had Jobsimulator and a couple more polished games. The industry was hesitant to invest in VR. And then I saw a game with guns. And not a game with worse than 8-bit graphics. On the contrary, a game with Really good models and praise be, real working mechanics.

As I am born and raised in The Netherlands, where we are tolerant of everything, EXCEPT guns, I never had the opportunity to shoot any gun on a firing range without 4 years of paperwork. But I spent some time in the military and on the police force a therefore now how to handle firearms and know how the operate.

So I decided to take the plunge. Buy in early. See where the developer would take this game. And I’m very glad I did.

Anton “Wonderfull” Hand

The developer I’m talking about is Anton Hand. In my opinion, if you look up Community engaged Developer in the dictionary, it should have his photo next to it. I simply love that guy. He even has his own catchphrase. Every time he starts a developer vlog he does a sound check followed by the word, “Wonderfull”

Sunset shooting

It even has gotten so far that he made a tippy toy with that exact catchphrase. Anton and his team are one of the biggest reasons that I love this game. They listen to the community, do regular updates, and give us GREAT content.

The latest patch gave us a lot of goodies and even a new start scene. And I won’t even talk about the meat grinder and the holiday special! That was quality content and for free. I’m at the point I would gladly buy a DLC for this game, just to support the developers.
That’s why I wanted to do a small series about this gem. They deserve it. Maybe I don’t have many viewers, I’m just starting after all, but the little that I have should know about this game!

Check out the store page below if you don’t already own the game. And I include a couple of videos to give you an idea about the content.

~ Rafter