Ahh, the shotgun. While it’s hard to say who invented this type of rifle, one of the men responsible for the modern shotgun is the famous John Moses Browning. While working for Winchester FireArms he managed to revolutionize the design.

Shot and Balls

The modern shotgun has a couple of ancestors such as the Blunderbuss, musket and the Fowling Piece. All are built roughly on the same principle. A smooth barrel that could shoot “Shot” (multiple projectiles) and solid balls. TLoad that cilinder H3VR Shotgun

The shot ammunition was used mainly to shoot down birds and thus used most in the fowling gun. As the solid balls were mostly used in the military. By the time the rifled barrels were invented, the shotgun became a separate class of rifle mainly used for sport and bird hunting.

It wasn’t till WW1 that the shotgun began to see more action in the warfare. The soldiers mainly used them because the trenches were so narrow and cramp that they only had to point and shoot. After WW2, where the shotgun was mainly used by partisans and the resistance, the Shotgun became a speciality weapon. Shooting locks, hinges and CQB is where it excels.

Shotguns in H3VR

Ok, but enough history for now. There are 3 classes of shotguns in H3VR:
– Break Action
– Tube Fed
– Magazine Fed

Shell menu shotgun H3VRAll have their merit, all have their pro’s and Cons. Besides the large selection of guns to choose from, H3VR has a lot, and I mean A LOT of shotgun shell types to choose from. From buckshot, No.4 Buckshot and Flechette, to Dragonsbreath, slug and SWAG-12 HE. They are all in there and you can choose them from a
handy menu. You can spawn Ammo boxes or just a single shell. I’m not going deeper into the ammo, that’s for a later episode. But I have tried them all before and I can tell you, the freedomfetti shot is.. well.. just a hoot.

The guns are really well polished, good models and handle like the real thing. Now I have never shot a shotgun in real life, so I can only go on what I saw in videos. But take a look for yourself. I have setup 3 shorter videos and 1 un-edited long video. The longer video has a bonus at the end… you will see how bad I am at clay pidgeons.. oh and pumpkins.

~ Rafter

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