And here we are. The second blog. I must say I was nervous when I published the first one. It’s a hard, cold, troll-filled place, the internet. But most of you already know this. But damn Star Citizen community, you guys rock. I never felt so much support from any group of people on the internet.

The Cutlass RedEmotional Ass kissing aside, the last blog I talked about how it all started. Let’s take it from there.

I am not much of a fighter pilot. When I have to choose between DCS (Digital Combat Simulator) or Take on Helicopter ( a commercial helicopter sim), I go for Take On Helicopter Not because I am not good at combat, but because I like to play casual and explore. In an MMO I am the one who gets a house and spend hours decorating it or spends real cash on cosmetics because it looks cool. And as far character class goes, I tend to play More healer or Crowd Control than DPS or tank classes.

It’s like the Huey

And this is no different in Star Citizen. I have 2 fighter craft, a buccaneer, and a Superhornet, because, let’s be honest, you have to be able to kick ass if needed. But the second ship I bought was the Cutlass “Red”. I have spent hours just loading it in my hangar, opening doors, and running around the ship. The glossy finish, big scanner, blue lights on top and the medical bay in the back. I really love that ship. The whole cutlass series reminds me of the Huey in Vietnam. The whole “low tech and cheap to replace” vibe is strong. But also the variants. Gunship, troop transport, and red cross/SAR.

For me, the ship was always perfect. But not for all citizens, and soon the concern threads started popping up. And it surprised me how good and well educated the arguments were. Ok, most of the arguments were. The cutlass was not where it was supposed to be. Threads on the forums running to thousands of posts. And even a Discord server was made to discuss the problems. And every time a developer or Community manager made a remark about the beloved/hatedOld vs New The cutlass Star citizen cutlass, the forums would light up and a flame war would Commence. Surprisingly (or not) most of the Cutlass Red owners did not participate in the hate. I can only speak for myself, but I think it is because the “Red” Pilots are less interested in hunting down cargo transports and more interested in cleaning up the mess and hunting for body parts and stitching them together. After almost a year of forum posting and pleading, CIG decided to design a new ship. That would later become the Buccaneer.    

The future of the Cutlass 

But what has become of the Cutlass? If it wasn’t the nimble fighter that was advertised, what was it supposed to be? In the meantime the Drake Caterpillar, that was advertised as the evil twin to the Freelancer, got bigger, A lot bigger. So that comparison was shot into outer space. Maybe the Cutlass was to become the evil twin of the Lancer?  

A couple of months after the release of the Caterpillar, the first video’s and screenshots of the rework of the Cutlass were released. And to me, it was like spaceship porn. She, yeah I’m calling her a she now, got fa… Big boned? but in a good way. She got side doors now and the overall silhouette is more aggressive, sturdy and there is more interior space.

The architect for the Cutlass rework is Josh Coons. You know, the guy with the hair and the eyes and the hat and stuff. That guy who was part of the Constellation rework. Need I say more.

If he is working on a ship you know that it’s going to be awesome. Not that other ship devs are not doing good work, but the style of Josh speaks to me. That’s why I own a Constellation Aquila. And a herald.

Seeing the work that has already been done on the Cutlass Black, I’m really looking forward to the Cutlass Red Rework. Will it be the Huey Red Cross variant I am envisioning? Or will it become even better and will it become more of a Dauphin, Sea-king or even a Blackhawk? Will it still have a tractor beam? Can it still transport escape pods? How will the tracking radar work?

What I do know is that Drake has become one of my favorite manufacturers and I don’t even want to become a Pirate.  

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