Ok, that was a poor attempt at being funny. Today we are taking a look at the Tech Demo from the upcoming VR Train simulator “Derail Valley”. Tech Demo you say? Yep, because that’s exactly what it is. Not because it’s  a bad game, but because the game is not out yet and the developerTrain Cab bridige Altfuture gave out a demo for us to see what the yet to be released game is all, or mainly, about.

As I said in earlier blogs, I am a fan of simulator games. Especially in VR. If there are knobs to turn and twist, levers to pull or buttons to push, I’m your man. That’s why it’s strange that I did not see this game before. In a reaction on my Ironwolf VR blog, someone said: “Oh, it’s something like Derail valley”. That got my attention. What’s that? another sim? That warrants looking into.

Now, where is that whistle?

And sure enough, I found the demo on steam. Installed it and started the game and I was face to face with a big train. Looking around and on my controller, I found out that to enter the beast, I had to press the menu button. Fade to black, and I’m in the cab.

train sim tunnelFirst thought? BUTTONS! and LEVERS! I pulled the first one I saw and, glory be, the air horn sounded through the yard. I’m gonna like this game. Now to find
out how to get this thing moving. Scanning the dashboard I see some clipboards with instructions. After a quick glance at them it al came back. Reverser, throttle, brake and coupler. Yes, I played train sims before.

Also laying on the desk, there is a radio. Like an Idiot, I tried talking into it immediately thinking to myself that I’m lucky to be single and there is nobody around. The radio is for the track switch, just hold it in your hands and point it at the switch. With the trackpad, you can switch from left to right.

Motion Sickness and bumps

After a couple attempts, I managed to get some railcars behind me and set off to lands unknown. Yes, it’s a demo, and yes there is not much to do than driving around with cars, but the scene is beautiful and the controls are fun.

When I read the comments on steam, some people are complaining about motion sickness. Personally, I have no problems with that, but I can imagine that some people are feeling uncomfortable when stopping the train, or when the train violently rocks from side to side. I hope that the developer builds in a function for those people so that they can enjoy the game without too many problems.

That being said, I’m looking forward to the game’s early access release, that’s currently set for Q2 2017, and I am definitely buying it. Finally, a game where I can get my Sim on!


~ Rafter


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