There are days in DCS where everything goes wrong… and you still have a great time. A couple of days ago I finally got to do a live stream with my good buddy Eso from the Nubs Cockpit YouTube channel and I had one of those days.

The stream started out rocky because of controller issues. I love my X55 Hotas but for some reason sometimes it just won’t keep to it’s assigned profile. I have got to look into that because it’s getting annoying. But after a restart, stream software crash and some of the mic cursing, we started the “Training”.

Eso wanted to know how to do a cold start in an A10. So we started out in the hangar with a dark plane. Now while I am a dutchie and I spoke a lot of English in my gaming life, the last couple of years I gamed mostly with Dutch friends. I had a little problem finding the right words and with a lot of uhms and ahs, I managed to get Eso in the air and ready to do some live ordinance training.

And I had a blast. Despite that my controllers switched to their default profile again, and I lost control of my autopilot, trim and critical systems like, you know, landing gears and brakes, we managed to have a really good training exercise on the live stream. Especially the part I was dreading the most, formation flying.

With that said, take a look at the live stream, and if you don’t have the time, I put together a compilation. Have fun and Let us know what you think in the comments and hit that like¬†button!

~ Rafter

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The live stream was provided by Nubs Cockpit

Guest starring on the live stream was Rafterman from OpforGaming Youtube channel!